Ulysses 3D scanner provide excellent data quality and outstanding ease of use. It's used in the most diverse areas of industry, including the automotive and supply industry, mold and tool making, electrical equipment, and many other industries.

The concept of the Ulysses 3D is based on a modular design,  so that the measurement field size can be quickly adapted to the measuring task at hand simply changing the cameras angle.

Some key features

  • less then 2 seconds for a single shot
  • source light control
  • scan black and dark surfaces
  • scan brilliant and reflective surfaces ( no white dust needed )
  • 2 Mpixel cameras ( CCD )


  • texture with true colors 
  • easy and fast calibration ( less that 2 mins )
  • markers for automatic alignment
  • carbon fiber structure

The whole acquisition process is extremely simple and straightforward thanks to a user-friendly software, developed by Energy3D, which allows to visualise in few seconds the points clouds resulting from a scan process and to align them automatically in the case of a multi-scan process.


Camera Basler mono camera CCD
Resolution 1628 x 1236 8 bits
Texture resolution (megapixels) 2.1
Lens mount CS
Standard lens Pentax 12-16 mm
Projector type Optoma
Projector resolutions (pixels) 1024 x 768
Projector brightness (ANSI Lumen) 2600 ANSI Lumen
Working range near (m) 0.2 m
Working range far (m) 2.5 m
Acquisition time (seconds) 1.85 second
Point to point distance (mm) 0.1 mm
Point accuracy (mm) 0.01 - 0.2 mm (depending on field of view)
Deep scan Optional
Turntable software mode Optional
Minimum system requirements:

Windows 7, Intel core i3, 4GB RAM

minimum 1 GB RAM with dual monitor support through VGA port

2 USB 3.0 port available, at least 2 GB free disk space