Powerfull and versatile C++ scanning and processing library

Energy3D engine can be provided as SDK for companies in need of new tools of 3d scanner inside their procedures or software to save time and development costs. Energy3D omponents are typically used for  3D scans , surfaces reconstruction and inspection. You can automate the scanning and analysis process, or wrap it into your own graphical user interface.

In order to integrate in your application DLL from our SDK, you need to get first a Energy3D SDK base license for one programmer seat. This library is delivered as an executable DLL with all the C++ API that enables to call the functions (no source delivery).

The package includes:

The programming license for one seat which incorporates:

  • A sample project (for Visual C++) using some functions of the SDK to show you how to integrate the SDK
  • The documentation Energy3D SDK.chm of the library and the Header files in order to develop your own software
  • One protection dongle with the associated authorization code, which enables all functions
  • 150 days of technical support, starting with the first authorization code delivery

Once your own software including Energy3D library will be ready, you need to purchase one run time (authorization code) for each seat of your application.
Each Energy3D library run time DLL is usually protected with an authorization code associated with a dongle.
Runtime price is defined according to the number of features required and the quantity ordered in advance.
The runtimes must be separately quoted.