Prometheus 3D scanner provide highly accurate and detailed 3D measurement data with use of the white-light scanning technology and high-resolution one-camera, enabling users to have the fast and easy metrology/reverse engineering experience.

The digitization process offers a double benefit. One of them is the aspect of tool inspection and quality: by digitizing an already produced object, the CAD data generated through reverse engineering can be compared against the original product or tooling data (also in CAD format) to perform a quality inspection of the product, and if considered necessary, to make appropriate adjustments to the tooling mold.

Key feature

  • fast scan duration ( less than 1 sec )
  • true texture colors
  • high precision ( 0.08 mm on field A4 )
  • fast and reliable calibration ( 2 mins )


  • 2 Mpixel CCD camera ( Basler )
  • carbon fiber structure
  • scan dark and black surfaces
  • light projector control
  • scan reflective and brilliant surface

The whole acquisition process is extremely simple and straightforward thanks to a user-friendly software, developed by Energy3D, which allows to visualise in few seconds the points clouds resulting from a scan process and to align them automatically in the case of a multi-scan process.

Camera Basler mono camere CCD
Resolution 1628 x 1236 8 bits
Texture resolution (megapixels) 2.1
Lens mount CS
Standard lens Pentax 12-16 mm
Projector type Optoma
Projector resolutions (pixels) 1024 x 768
Projector brightness (ANSI Lumen) 2600 ANSI Lumen
Working range near (m) 0.2 m
Working range far (m) 2.5 m
Acquisition time (seconds) 0.85 second
Point to point distance (mm) 0.1 mm
Point accuracy (mm) 0.01 - 0.2 mm (depending on field of view)
Deep scan Optional
Turntable software mode Optional
Minimum system requirements:

Windows 7, Intel core i3, 4GB RAM

minimum 1 GB RAM with dual monitor support through VGA port

1 USB 3.0 port available, at least 2 GB free disk space